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On Mindfulness & Moon Gardens

I got inspired to start a moon garden on my front porch this summer. A moon garden = a variety of plants with white flowers or silvery leaves that will reflect the moonlight. It was my first attempt at keeping outside plants alive and so far it's going well. I get so much pleasure out of walking out my front door and noticing what's grown a little taller since the day before. My jasmine started to coil itself around the bannister and it is SO exciting (three whole coils now!). I congratulate my plants as I walk down the stairs, "Good job! You guys are amazing! You're are all doing so great!"

Gardens are chalk-full of lessons in mindfulness. My moon garden is a daily reminder that growth happens slowly, bit by bit. If I can feel a little surge of pride and happiness each time a new leaf shows up or a flower blooms, there's no reason I can't cultivate that feeling for myself with my own tiny accomplishments. Often I'm focusing on my to do list, thinking about the next step and how I'm not at all where I'd like to be yet. But it's important to pause in the present moment, reflect, and celebrate what currently is.

Tarot and yoga have long been my tools for slowing down and reflecting, and I'm so grateful for them. Without having an intuitive practice and a body based practice to help shift my mindset over the years, I'm not sure I'd even have the confidence to grow my own garden (what if all of the plants die??). I firmly believe that we need tools like tarot, yoga, and moon gardens; things that can rope us back to the here and now so we may notice and celebrate our growth.

What are your tools? How do you take time to reflect?

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