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Raise Your Vibration by Aligning the Throat Chakra

In Sanskrit, the fifth chakra is called vishuddha and it is known as our throat chakra. It's located at the center of our throats and governs communication, self expression, creativity, and resonance. It corresponds with the element of ether, the planet Mercury, the goddess Saraswati, and the major arcana card the Magician.

While the first four chakras are highly individual and rooted in our bodies, the upper chakras relate to the nature of our connections. Communication is an act of connection, and to align the throat chakra, we're asked to look at the quality of our connections. And within those connections how do we communicate with each other?

The throat chakra might need healing if you find yourself afraid to speak in the presence of others, or if you're often unsure of your words. Alternately, those that talk all the time without much thought to what they're saying, taking up all the air in the room with their words are also experiencing an imbalance of this chakra. A healthy throat chakra is needed to express our own creativity effectively, so If you're a creative and you find that you're constantly struggling with creativity block, you might turn to a few practices that can heal the throat chakra.

Vishuddha loves sound. It's so unfortunate that we regard singing as something we either can or cannot do, because singing is an incredible go-to vishuddha healer. Singing is our birthright, so even if you "can't sing" (I would be in this camp), try to make space for it in your life. Also humming, reciting mantras, and the chanting of OM will all do wonders to change the vibrations inside of you. The repetition and rhythym of a chanted affirmation or sound can permeate your body, calming the central nervous system, taking it out of the stress response, and imprinting new vibrations, healthier patterns.

VU Meditation

The next time you sit down to meditate, drop in to your body, and start to breathe steadily in through the nose, following the breath down to the belly with your minds eye. As you exhale watch the breath travel back up and out the nose. Continue to observe the breath until you feel a settled sense of having "dropped in" to yourself. Inhale deeply, then with your exhale, speak the sound VUUUUU down into your belly. It may help to think of a digeridoo and the vibrating hollow sound it creates. Continue breathing in and sending this vocalized vibration down into your belly. Don't be alarmed if you have an emotional response, that's okay. Notice what arises without judgment when you offer your body a new pattern. After a few minutes, begin repeating the mantra, "I create my reality. I know and share my truth."

If you know of any special practices that you use for the throat chakra, please be sure to share them!

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