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Sha'Carri Richardson is an Empress at the Beginning of a Chariot Cycle

It's been a series of highs and lows for 21(!!) year old Sha'Carri Richardson these past few weeks. She made headlines for winning the 100m in the Olympic trials and giving the loveliest hug to her grandma. Then she was disqualified from competing in the Tokyo Olympics for testing positive for marijuana.

In an interview with The Today Show, Sha'Carri made a point to tell her story with noteworthy strength and self compassion. She explained that the weed was a coping mechanism to deal with the pain of losing her biological mother just a week before the Olympic trials.

Throughout the conversation she prioritized her own healing and posed the important question, "Who am I to tell you how to cope when you’re dealing with the pain or you’re dealing with a struggle that you haven’t experienced before or that you thought you never would have to deal with?"

With so many epic changes being thrown at the stunning athlete, I couldn't help reading her life cycle cards. The numerology of Sha'Carri's birthday tell us that her forever energy cards are The Empress and The Hanged Man. She also just began a brand new 10 year cycle of her life that kicks off with a Chariot growth year. The growth card we begin each new cycle with reveals how we're meant to be evolving in those ten years.

The Chariot is an auspicious symbol for manifestation, movement, and making positive external changes to our lives. Despite The Hanged Man moment the star is in for having so recently lost her bio mom, that Chariot energy is going to be with her for the next ten years.

Sha'Carri seems to already know this. At the end of the interview, she reassured her fans and supporters that, "This is just one game. I'm 21. I'm very young. Unlike most I have plenty of games left in me to compete in and plenty of talent to back me up."

If you'd like to go in-depth with me about your energy cards, growth year, and your current cycle, you can book a Shine a Light Reading with me by clicking here.

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