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What is Embodiment?

Embodiment is a term that is becoming increasingly popular in all types of healing communities. Though the word is beginning to trend, the concept is nothing new. There are plenty of indigenous cultures that have been living this wisdom all along. Embodiment is when we privilege the felt sense of our bodies. It is letting the body lead.

When we trust the wisdom of the body, we are working in alignment and allowing the body, mind, and spirit to move as one. Any time you make a decision and go with your gut instinct, you're practicing embodiment.

We're often taught early on to ignore our bodies. An imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy requires us to be cut off from ourselves because then we're easier to control. We're more likely to do what's expected and not what's truly right for us.

Yoga, meditation, moving and resting with intention-- these are all ways of tuning back into our bodies. They are practices for learning how to listen again.

Trust that your body has the answers.

Lots of larger conversations to be had here. How do you define embodiment? What do you do to practice being embodied? Share your embodiment thoughts in the comments below.


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