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Four Ways Meditation Can Make You a Stronger Tarot Reader

I've always been intrigued and enamored with tarot, but it was't until I fell in love with meditation that my intuitive gifts started to take shape. Meditation certainly didn't come easily to me at first; in my early days of trying to meditate I alternated between extreme boredom and panicky overwhelm. However, my yoga teachers kept insisting that it was HIGHLY IMPORTANT to have a regular meditation practice. And so I stuck with it. Meditation has had a transformative impact on my life. I didn't expect the effects to be so far reaching, but it makes sense that carving out time each day to tune into my breath, my body, and my spirit would surface my intuitive gifts.

Here are four ways meditation can strengthen your abilities as a reader:

1. It teaches you to quiet the chatter of your brain

In yoga we call this the "monkey mind." When left on autopilot, our brains love to disruptively leap from one thought to the next. Unfortunately, learning to trust your intuition requires the mind to be quiet. Your inner knowing comes from the gut and the heart, not the brain. A meditation practice can help you build up that thought shushing ability so you can summon the mental quiet you need with more ease and regularity.

2. It allows you to ground into the present moment

An intuitive reader can pick up on a lot about what's happened in the past and what will take place in the future. However, reading energy is all about rooting into the present moment. It's difficult to offer your clients what they need if you're thinking about the person who's next in line for a reading, or the argument you just had with your partner. Meditation teaches you to draw boundaries around those intrusions so you can reach deeply into the here and now and compassionately hold space for others.

3. It can help you establish a felt sense of your intuitive knowing

People often mistake the fear response, or wishful thinking for their gut knowing. It can be extremely hard to know the difference without an embodied understanding of what your intuition feels like. If you sit with your body for long enough and listen, you'll start to notice the energetic signature of your knowing. For me, intuition is expansive. There's an openness in my body and a warmth that gives me the signal that I'm on the right track.

4. It can guide you to your own healing

This may be controversial, but it's my belief that the best tarot reader is a healed tarot reader. One who's spent time doing their shadow work and resolving ancestral and childhood trauma. When we do our own healing work we become better healers. An established meditation practice will show you the parts of your body that are holding onto trauma and stagnant emotions and help you to release and clear your aura.

So for all my tarot readers reading, do you meditate? Why or why not? Have you seen your tarot practice shift and grow with the addition of any other integrative practices?

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