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Self Care and The Empress

The Empress represents all of the beautiful qualities we associate with the mother. She prioritizes caring for herself because she knows her wellness is essential when caring for others.

“Wellness means that I get to choose what it means for me to be well.” -Reverend angel Kyodo williams

Capitalism has made wellness synonymous with expensive gym memberships, designer yoga pants, and trips to fancy day spas. The Empress is here to remind us that wellness isn’t anything we should have to purchase, acquire, or compete for. We all have an intrinsic right to be well. It also looks different for everyone.

Take a moment today and consider, what do you need to feel well? What nourishes your heart and spirit? For me it's carving out LOTS of alone time to process, rest, and listen to how I'm truly feeling.

If you're in need of some extra self care, I'm offering virtual readings that focus on healing and balancing your energy. A Path of Balance reading can be exactly what's needed to show you exactly where to exercise patience, take rest, and prioritize your wellness.

Photo of The Modern Witch Tarot


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