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Is Your Root Chakra In Balance?

The root chakra is all about our relationship to the earth. When we're feeling grounded and merged with gravity, we're connected the energy of the universe. We're more easily able to touch into our creativity, intuition, and strength. When we lack grounding we tend to fall off balance, fear creeps up, and we lose our connection to source.

How can you restore balance to your root chakra?

One of my favorite ways is by standing on my feet. Many of us are sitting even more these days than we did before SIP (I'm looking at you teachers). Taking the time to do some mindful standing reminds us that our feet actually support us quite well when we let them.

Start by standing with your feet hips width apart. Close your eyes and take note of your body. Feel the weight of your body and allow gravity to settle down and around you. Then bring your awareness to your breath. Observe the quality of your inhales and exhales. Let your attention drop down into the soles of your feet.

Gently begin rocking forward as you inhale and backward as you exhale. Take note of the parts of your feet that are imprinting into the floor beneath you as you move back and forth. Repeating a few times, transition to a side to side movement. First inhaling to roll onto the outer edges of the foot and then exhaling to roll to the inner edges. Notice again the parts of the foot that are making contact with the floor.

Finally press evenly through the feet as if you were stepping onto wet sand, attempting to leave the perfect footprint. Keeping the eyes closed make a mental note of how this feels. Breathe deeply and repeat the affirmation, "I am safe, centered, and grounded." Stay here as long as you like, breathing and allowing your feet to support you and connect you to the earth.

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