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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

The second chakra of our bodies is the sacral chakra and it's the center of our emotions, our sexuality, and our connection to pleasure. Where the root chakra is governed by the earth (the suit of pentacles), the sacral chakra is governed by water (the suit of cups).

When our sacral chakra is out of balance we might feel very emotional and struggle to get control of our emotions. By contrast we might feel listless and depressed.

How can you balance the sacral chakra?

One way is paying attention to your pelvis and holding it in a neutral position as you move throughout your day. For women in particular, it's common to disconnect from our pelvic area and have no awareness of what it's doing as we walk, sit, stand. But the pelvis is like a beautiful cup within our bodies; holding the contents and fluids within us. When we balance the cup we balance the sacral chakra.

Sakral Chakra Meditation

Stand with your feet apart. Close your eyes and arrive in your body. Find an even press through the soles of both feet.

Invite your breath in and imagine it filling your entire body.

Visualize the pelvis, imagining it were a beautiful cup, holding the contents of your body, the fluids inside of you. Start to swirl the contents of your cup by circling the hips gently in one direction and then the other.

Now pour your cup forward by untucking the tailbone and letting your tail unfurl behind you. Allow the low back to arch the belly and ribs to stick out. Breathe in and allow your breath to fill your pouring cup.

Send the cup to spill backwards, tucking the tailbone between the legs. Breathe in and fill your spilling cup with breath.

Now draw your cup to hold the contents of your body without spilling a drop. Breathe deeply and fully here. Repeat the affirmation, I feel my emotions and pain.

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