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On Embracing In Betweenness

For new members of my little Pop Culture Healing community, welcome! I’m so excited that you’re here!! I’m Geneva. I read cards, I teach yoga, I teach literacy and mindfulness to kids. I have a masters in education, 400+ hrs of yoga teacher training, and I’ve been reading cards on the regular for three years now.

I aim to help service oriented women balance and replenish their energy. I also hope to create a fun and vibrant virtual space to have conversations about healing, mindfulness, and embodiment.

This year has brought a lot of change for me. I quit my job as a full time classroom teacher rather abruptly in February. When SIP started I was doing a lot of soul searching in a special ashram in Peru. In the months since I’ve returned home to California, I’ve been embracing a state of intense and uncomfortable in-betweenness.

In between living the life I’m meant to lead and dreaming of it.

In between financial security and financial ruin.

In between being a teacher and a student.

In between being able to heal others and being healed.

In between the noticing and the changing of patterns.

And it turns out the thing you need a lot of when you’re in between steps is rest. Rest is its own in between state. I’ve required tons of it this year. I want more rest for all of us.

Lately, things have started to shift out of in betweenness, and I can feel myself embodying a new shape. It’s caterpillar to butterfly stuff. It’s becoming the fool all over again. Exciting, still uncomfortable, and not easy. But I’m delighted that it means I get to connect with each of you.

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