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Three Centering Techniques to Help You Connect to Your Intuition

As tarot readers, we've all had the experience of looking down at the cards and drawing a total blank. Our intuition knows a heck of a lot, but it can be difficult to tap into that sweet spot where we just "know" things. I've relied heavily on my yoga practice to develop my intuition and become a stronger, more confident card reader. Here are three techniques I picked up practicing yoga that help me clear out unnecessary thoughts and feelings, and really get centered before a reading. Try putting all three together or test out one at a time.

1. Check in with your body - Take a moment to pause and turn your focus internally. It might be a good idea to close your eyes and do a quick scan of your body from top to bottom. Are you tensing in any particular area? Can you release that tension? What feels stiff and what feels settled? How is your posture in this moment? If you're slouching, can you make an effort to straighten your spine? Intuition is a felt sense, and it is much easier to tap into when you're feeling relaxed and present in your own body.

2. Establish a connection with your breath - In yoga, Pranayama is the ancient practice of controlling the breath. There are many, many pranayama techniques, but the idea is that by controlling the breath we can harness our energy or life force. When our energy is in balance it makes it much easier to connect with our creativity, wisdom, and intuitive knowing. The next time you sit down to do a reading, try taking three slow, deep breaths in through your nose and down into the base of your belly. If you have ujjayi breath in your practice (that gentle constriction at the back of your throat that helps you fog a mirror) you can use that here. As you exhale, completely empty your low belly of breath. Take more belly breaths if needed until you feel grounded, calm, and ready to touch into your intuition.

3. Use sensory awareness to acknowledge yourself in space - I use this technique often to clear away any self doubt or anxiety I might be feeling before a reading. Intentionally activating the five senses really helps me to calm my nerves and clear away any racing thoughts. To do this, slowly look around your room using a soft gaze. Take your time to note five beautiful items in the room that you can see. Next, see if you can name four separate things that you can feel (your hands resting in your lap, your legs crossed on top of each other, the particular fabric of the chair beneath you, etc). Are there three different sounds that you can hear? Two things you can smell? What can you taste? Using your body's five senses will help ground you to the present moment and clear the way for you to really tune into your intuition.

If you're curious about yoga or are looking to practice more often, I offer two weekly vinyasa classes that are donation based and suitable to all levels (beginners are especially welcome!). Sign up here!

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