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I don't know of anyone who hasn't had their ass kicked by 2020, but if you've been peacefully floating along please DM me with your secrets. Now that we're through the election and nearing mid November, it's about time to look back on this year and marvel at how incredibly strong we are. I can't promise that the worst has passed, but I know for a fact that as @glennondoyle says, "we can do hard things."

To touch into that strong survivor in you, sew these poses into your movement practice this week. Try to bring qualities of both strength and softness to the asanas. If the poses are new to you, you can check my stories for instruction and modifications.


Also known as tree pose, stand firmly on two feet and pour your weight to your right side as your left foot lightens and lifts. Bring the sole of your right foot to your ankle, calf, or thigh. Once you feel grounded, observe what happens when you grow tall from the crown of your head. Bring your hands together at your heart, behind your back, or over head. Hold for 5-7 breaths and then slowly release. Repeat on the other side.


Also known as eagle pose, you'll stand in mountain pose here and pour youre weight over to your right side. Allow your left leg to cross over your right and send your hips back.Take your arms wide and then bring your left elbow to stack over your right. Focus on drawing your energy in towards your center line. Hold for 5-7 breaths and then release and repeat on the other side.


Start in a high plank pose with your hands below your shoulders. Press into your right hand and allow your left arm to lift, coming onto the edge of the right foot. Stack your hips and lift through your left side. Keep your head in line with your spine. Breathe and lift through your upper side waist and hip. On an exhale, slowly float the top arm down and settle back into a plank position. Inhale and exhale fully to integrate the effects of the pose. On your next inhale, move on to your second side.

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